Bret J. Nelson

Bret was raised an Army Brat and every few years he was forced to move to new places, to make new friends and start over. From an early age he learned the importance of blooming where you are planted; make things happen for yourself because you never know how long you are going to be around. This philosophy has followed him his entire life, "I feel no matter where I am, I am in good company".

Bret lives in Henderson, Nevada (a suburb of Las Vegas) and married to his best friend and a father to three awesome children. He is active at church, volunteers in the community and coaches his son's soccer team. In his "free" time he is an Ironman Triathlete and new CrossFit enthusiast.

Bret attended Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT where he got his Bachelors of Arts: Interpersonal Communications and Management and his Masters of Arts: Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA

Over the last ten years Bret have had great opportunities to work for and with great people, and no matter what company he has worked for, he have always seemed to find his way into training or coaching role.