- We believe that the collective whole is greater than the individual sum of its parts. The power of the group through collaboration will significantly advance our ideals and, in the end, create a better community because everyone has had a part in the creation and development of it.

Education - We believe in and value education. The strength of our organization will be measured in the ability to promote growth and learning within our respective disciplines and facilitating others growth and learning specifically in the area of planned giving and charitable gifts.

Stewardship - We believe in the importance of planned giving and we share a vision of the impact it can have on a community. As a steward of this belief, we believe that is our duty and professional responsibility for us to promote and educate others in the areas of planned giving and charitable gifts.

Excellence - We believe that our endeavors should be done with excellence and we aim to set the standard both in our respective industries and as gift planning advisors.

Community - We believe in establishing community among our members, professional associations and fellow neighborhood citizens. We believe community embodies hospitality, acceptance of others, and the promotion of others’ needs before our own.