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GPA 10th Annual Conference
NEW DATE: October 12, 2018! At TPC Summerlin

Welcome to Gift Planning Advisors

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Gift Planning Advisors' website.

This is an exciting time to be a legal or financial advisor in Las Vegas. With much of the economic turbulence behind us, Las Vegans look ahead to an exciting future. And with this sunny outlook, our clients have an opportunity to think about their legacies. What is important to them? How do they want to be remembered? What values do they want to perpetuate?

In our community, we have all the ingredients necessary to prosper. Our clients are entrepreneurial, and they are perseverant. Perhaps most importantly, they have heart, and they care. They constructed the Las Vegas of today, and they will create the Las Vegas of tomorrow. As advisors, our role is critical. We guide our clients to help them realize their dreams.

Las Vegans believe in giving back. However, while many recognize how giving makes them feel, they aren't aware of the financial benefits benevolence can provide to them and their families. Simply put, giving can make great financial sense.

Gift Planning Advisors was established in 2009 to fill this void in our community. While we all have giving and caring clients, oftentimes charitable planning simply isn't part of the conversation unless they initiate the discussion. We strive to change that. Our objective is to educate legal and financial advisors, so they have the comfort and confidence to discuss gift giving. We don't advocate on behalf of individual organizations; rather, we advocate on behalf of including charitable planning in the planning conversation.

Still a relatively young organization, we have made great strides in realizing our vision. But we're not yet there. Our goal is to arm all Southern Nevada advisors with the tools and knowledge to engage their clients in meaningful conversations about legacy planning.

We invite you to join us, and we look forward to your membership in GPA and attendance at this year's conference!

Learn to lead, so our clients can learn to leave.

Gian Brosco

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